DC85/DC851 Counting and Weighing Scale

A High Accuracy yet Simple Counting Scale with a Bright Green Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD). Offers high accuracies & precision very much needed for counting in Industrial applications.

Battery Standard rechargeable battery
Capacity 300GM to 6000kg
Brand Essae
Features Auto power-off function ,Easy to use full function numeric pad
Display Net weight/gross weight display
Design Automatic recomputing function to enhance sampling accuracy
Power supply 230V (+15%,-10%) AC, 50 Hz.
Power consumption 17W
Operating temperature / humidity 0° C to 45° C / 85%RH Max. (Non-condensing)
Physical dimension 302(L) x 295(D) x 125(H) mm. ± 0.5mm.
Net weight 4.5 kg (approx.)
Display type Green Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Display digit Unit weight 5 digits, weight 5 digits, quantity 6 digits.
Display size 13mm.
Number of keys 10 Numeric keys and 13 function keys [Tactile key pad]
Battery charger In-built
Battery 6V/4Ah

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