MX50 Ultra+ Note Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection

Counts New ₹2000, ₹500 Denomination - Updated, Counterfeit detection - UV, MG (Scan), In Built Dust collector, Fast, Smooth and Stable Counting Performance, With upgradation facility

MX50 Ultra+ – Note Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection – Ready for ₹2K & ₹500 Denom

Maxsell MX50 Ultra+ is Note counting machine with Counterfeit detection, Ready for New Currency bills of 2k & 500. The machine has an excellent counting platform designed to count all types of currency with ease. Be it old, new, deformed, soiled or circulated currency,

Maxsell MX50 Ultra+ is the right choice for customers who look for Economical counting solutions including reliable counterfeit detection. It has an upgradation port for future updation, which goes along with Maxsell Philosophy to endure its product for longer life time.

The counterfeit detection is based on UV and MG sensor detections which can detect most Indian Super fake notes in Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500 denominations, besides simple fake notes in other denominations as well.

For Customers who seek Basic Counting solution clubbed with Counterfeit detection during Currency handling tasks – MX50 Ultra+ is the answer.


  • Economical Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection – Ready for ₹2K & ₹500 Denom
  • Fits anywhere, compact design, Easy to carry handle
  • User friendly functions and interface
  • Saves time & labour
  • Reduces loss due to manual counting
  • Understandable error codes helps in faster decisions
  • 100% safe for Human use
  • Detect fake note right on the counter to avoid further embarrassment or confusion
  • Numeric Batching facility makes it easy to setup batch function
  • In Built Dust collector
  • Additional Customer display with extended cable is optional
  • Manual start or Auto start can be selected as per user’s requirement
  • Hi – voltage protection to the machine through external fuse system
  • Upgradation Slot for Future upgrades
COUNTING SPEED 1000 Notes per Minute
BANK NOTE SIZE Up to 90 X 185mm (Includes 1000 rupee note also).
DETECTION TYPE UV & MG Detection Technology for Discriminating suspected notes
COUNTING TECHNOLOGY Highly reliable IR Sensor Technology for accuracy & durability
DISPLAY Bright LED display with small display for Error code readouts
ERROR CODES Different error codes for different note errors, Double note, Chain Note, Half note, Cut note & Soiled notes also
START Auto or Manual Start can be enabled as per user need
POWER SUPPLY 220V AC 50 Hz (+/- 10%)
POWER CONSUMPTION 70 watts during operation / <10 watt during non operation
DIMENSIONS 300 (L) x 250 (W) x200 (H) mm
ACCESSORIES Friction Gears & Belt, Fuse, cleaning brush, power cable, Dust cover
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES External customer display

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