Presidio – Godrej Safe Locker

Robust construction clubbed with attractive fascia, Presidio is an ideal safe for those with a keen eye for security as well as beauty.


Presidio brings upgraded security through a host of advanced features including additional protection with its secondary relocker. The safe’s double-walled construction with an armoured plate in its body offers extra strength, whereas the adjustable shelves inside offer that much needed convenience. All in all, Presidio is not only stronger, but is designed to enhance your interior.


  1. Double Walled construction
  2. Armour plate in body & hardened lock plate in door protecting the lock
  3. Secondary relocking device to resist any forced attempts of disengaging the lock from bolt work mechanism
  4. Mechanical Key Lock
  5. Attractive painted fascia
  6. Adjustable shelves

Related Information

Specifications Presidio 50 Presidio 110
Dimensions (H x W x D) 608 x 430 x 429 735 x 532 x 556
Weight (kg) 116 180
Volume (litres) 49 115
All Dimensions are in mm

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