SI-810 Barcode Label Printing Scale

A new generation barcode label printing scale solution to speed up your weighing and labelling operations.

The highlights of this model are the accuracy and fast checkout experience. It is mostly used in grocery shops, bakeries, meat stalls and pre-pack outlets.

Description Barcode Label Printing Scale
Capacity/Accuracy 6kg/1g, 15kg/2g, 31kg/5g
Platter Size 280x348mm
Label Width and Length (min~max) 25~54mm, 25~110mm
Label Thickness (max) 170microns
PLU 5000
Printing speed 80 mm/sec
Label Roll Diameter (max) Outer: 120mm, Inner: 28mm
Standard Interfaces 1 x RS-232 Serial, 1 x Ethernet LAN
Dimension (L x W x D) 490mm x 360mm x 450mm

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